In our 32 years of business, we have yet to meet anyone who actually enjoys moving. We’ve interacted with a few people along the way who would call moving “tolerable,” but that’s about as complimentary as it ever gets.

As we’ve helped generations of Boulder students and residents to move and to furnish new homes, we’ve also learned a few moving tricks along the way.

1. You Won’t Use It

If you’ve ever researched moving strategies before, you’ve probably seen the golden rule of packing: if you haven’t used it in a year, you don’t need it.

This rule certainly holds true, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to part with shirt you wore to your freshman orientation, the pair of skis that got you through a rocky season in the back country, or even the water bottle that has your favorite “Southern Sun” sticker attached.

As a consignment furniture store, our go-to solution is to donate your stuff. This helps to minimize the feeling of waste but it also allows you to get things off your hands. If you are truly worried you will need something again, consider lending it to a friend. Let them know you might want it back, but that they can use it for the time-being. If you need it, you can still get it back.

2. Use Trash Bags for Clothes

No, this isn’t another way of telling you to throw out old clothes. Trash bags are actually really helpful for clothes that you have hanging. It takes a lot of time to get every item off of a hanger and properly folded into a bag, just to unfold them and hang them up in your new place.

If you’re moving locally, consider making large trash bags into protective vessels for your hanging clothes. Simply throw the trash bag over the hanger and use the hanger tip to make a small hole in the closed seam of the trash bag. Then, you can tie the bottom of the trash bag to protect the bottom of your clothing. At your new place, take off the trash bag and hang up your clothes! It’ll save you hours.

3. Consign Your Furniture

Furniture is absolutely the most cumbersome thing to move. It’s bulky; it doesn’t fit through door posts; it’s heavy; and, you don’t have a truck. If you aren’t particularly attached to the furniture in your home, donating it to a consignment furniture shop is the best option.

Even better, No Place Like Home offers a pick-up service for consigned furniture. For those basement couches that seem impossible to get up a flight of stairs, this is the route to go. After we’ve evaluated the condition of your furniture, we’ll set up a time and send our truck and two-person team to move it.

Plus, working with a consignment furniture store means you can make a profit on your item. Generally, if an item is sold, you get 50 percent of the selling price. This means you can get a check in the mail and have the benefit of not dealing with moving your used furniture.

No Place Like Home Boulder

As you move this summer, either between dorms or homes, keep No Place Like Home in mind. Not only do we offer consignment furniture services, but we also have an incredible, unique selection of furniture to purchase.

If you want to furnish a new place without breaking the bank, No Place Like Home is your solution in Boulder.

Stop by our furniture store today, conveniently located in the heart of East Boulder on antique row.