We can consign and sell your gently used furniture and even framed pictures.

Pictures are the most important part of beginning the consignment furniture process.

Taking photos: Send individual photos of each item or group them together in one. It isn’t necessary to clear each piece of items or send more than one photo of an individual item(s).

Sharing photos: You can send photos via email, text or bring them into us at No Place Like Home (located on Antique Row in East Boulder). If you are unable to obtain photos, we will do our best to work with you. Keep in mind; the best way for us to know if your furniture is appropriate for consignment is by viewing a photo of the item(s).

email – info@usedfurnitureboulder.com

text(only text) – 720-551-4241

Furniture condition: We do not accept furniture for consignment that is obviously broken, missing parts (including any hardware) or is unstable in any way. We only accept consignment furniture from a smoke-free environment. Fabric furniture must be free of rips, stains, holes and/or obvious heavy wear patterns. After reviewing photos we can discuss any concerns about furniture condition that we have with you.

Getting the furniture to the store: After we have talked with you about the consignment furniture and its condition, we will set up a time and day for you to either bring the item(s) to the store or (for a fee) we can pick the item(s) up. With paid pick up we supply two people and a truck for the transport of your item(s).

Note: If we are arranging pick up for your item(s), payment for the pick-up fee is required during the scheduling process.

Selling the items consigned: Once your consignment furniture item(s) are in our store each item is limited to 70 days in total to sell. Typically items sell within the first 30 days, however, if an item remains in the store greater than 30 days it will be marked down by 20 percent. If the item remains in the store greater than 60 days it will be marked down an additional 20 percent. If an item remains in the store for 70 days, we will contact you to either:

  • Pick the item up from the store
  • Have it delivered to you (delivery fee applies)
  • Have the item donated to a charitable organization (no charge)

Payment for items sold: Once an item has sold, we will generate a check for you at the end of the month that the item has sold in for 50 percent of the selling price. Checks are typically mailed out on the first business day of the following month, or we can hold your check at the store to be picked up in person, please have a valid ID available for in-store pickup of a check.