Knowing about the different furniture styles might seem superfluous. Why does it matter if a couch is “rustic” versus “shabby-chic” if you like it and can afford it?

In reality, however, knowing at least the basic characteristics of different furniture styles can be extremely helpful. Think of it like movie genres — you might not need to know the entire cast or plot of a movie, but it’s helpful to know if it’s a horror film versus romantic comedy.

No Place Like Home, your destination for used furniture in Boulder, compiled this overview of furniture styles.

Arts & Crafts

This design movement, emblematic of the late 19th century, focuses on the quality and durability of a furniture piece. As a reaction to the more elaborate yet poorly made neoclassical pieces of the early 19th century, the Arts & Crafts movement uses simple and rectangular design.

Because these pieces were so carefully crafted, many of them are still around and thriving today.


Country furniture generally features distressed wood. The style employs this design element not only in tables, but also in aspects of sofas, chairs, and shelving units.

With country furniture, you can also expect upholstery with plaid or calico-style prints. If you’re looking to infuse your home with warmth and comfort, we recommend this style!


Unlike country furniture, modern furniture relies on leather, chrome, and glass as its materials. These features tend to add a cooler, more sophisticated look to a home. Modern furniture is all about form and function. You tend to get boxy furniture because it’s easier to mass-produce these items.


As the name suggests, Shabby-Chic furniture juxtaposes old and new. The “shabby” refers to used furniture while the “chic” alludes to a white, romantic-style refinishing.

Usually, the furniture is distressed, curved, and light, so it adds a welcoming element to a room.


Straight lines and stark contrast epitomize the Contemporary furniture style. This type of furniture looks extremely clean and even industrial. The style gained popularity in the 1950s, and it’s been a staple of home decor ever since.

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