Buying used furniture can be one of the most fun, cost-effective ways to redecorate a home. . . if you do it correctly.

While used furniture comes with great reward, it also comes with some risk. You want to make sure you’re buying a piece that’ll last for years and fit with your current home furniture.

Used Furniture Mistakes to Avoid

As a consignment and used furniture store in Boulder, No Place Like Home has a few tips to keep in mind as you shop for used furniture.

Avoid these mistakes while you shop, and walk away with a unique, new-to-you piece!

1. Assuming You Can Get the Smell Out

Here’s the scenario. You see a 1960’s antique love seat that you absolutely adore. You go to sit on it, and quickly realize that all of the smoke from the 1960’s has time traveled to the present day.

Because you’re already attached, you justify that you can get the smell out. Give it a few Febreeze-filled cleaning sessions, and it’ll smell like roses.

We really want to caution you against this, though. Smoke and other strong scents, like pet dander, literally infuse the fabric of the furniture.

For this reason, No Place Like Home stringently adheres to our “smoke-free” environment consignment policy. We only accept used furniture that comes without an odor.

2. Seeing Only What’s In Front Of You

Part of the trick of shopping for used furniture involves seeing the potential of an item rather than dwelling on its current aesthetic.

If a chair or sofa has good bones, that’s what really matters. It’s easy enough to re-upholster the furniture to better suit your taste or other furniture. Instead of looking solely at the pattern or color, pay attention instead to its brand, comfort level, and price.

3. Not Choosing Unfamiliar Brands

We tend to feel more comfortable shopping when we recognize name brands. While there is a degree of security in buying brands you recognize, you want to be a bit more open-minded as you shop for used furniture.

For one, the brand could be an older, local furniture store that made great pieces back in the day. Just because you don’t recognize the name doesn’t mean it’s not high quality. If you’re not sure about the origin of the used furniture, just ask a staff member at the used furniture store. You can also do a quick Google search and hopefully dig up some information about the design origin.

Our Used Furniture Store in Boulder

No Place Like Home has been providing new and used furniture to Boulder for the last three decades. We’re committed to consigning only high-quality furniture, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of determining whether you’re getting ripped off.

We only take furniture in good condition and from smoke-free environments, so we eliminate many of the problems associated with used furniture.

For great deals on used furniture, stop by No Place Like Home today! We’re located in the heart of antique row in Boulder.