Welcome to our blog!

As your Top Rated Local® used furniture store in Boulder, we wanted a way to share our knowledge of the industry. Enter: the No Place Like Home blog! We will provide helpful resources with tips for buying consigned furniture, the reasons to donate used furniture, and much more!

We wanted to kick-off our blog by introducing you to our furniture store in Boulder, located on antique row in the heart of East Boulder.

The History of Our Used Furniture Store

No Place Like Home has been in business in Boulder since 1986. When we first opened our doors, a single-family home in town cost less than a billion dollars, the Pearl Street mall was relatively new, and the Flatirons had just been formed as a result of tectonic plate shifts. (Just kidding about that last one, though it does seem like we’ve been around since the Late Cretaceous period…).

Over the last 32 years, we’ve helped countless students move in and out of apartments, seen Boulder and Denver practically converge, and been your go-to used furniture store.

Our Furniture Store Services

No Place Like Home is the Top Rated Local® used furniture store in Boulder not just for our unique and quality selection of consigned furniture, but also for our convenient pick-up services.

Used Furniture

Boulder is a quirky town with a lot of character, taste, and, of course, money. As a used furniture store, this means we get really incredible pieces of consigned furniture. Whether you’re looking for a tasteful chair to complement your newly-designed living room or a comfortable couch that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, No Place Like Home has the furniture for you. Browse our collection today!

We get new furniture daily, so be sure to visit our furniture store today to see what other finds you can snag!

Consignment Pick-Up

One of the worst parts about renovating a home, redoing a room, or moving is definitely dealing with the furniture. Not only is furniture heavy to lift, but it also takes a truck or moving van to get it out of your home. If you try to sell a piece on a site like Craigslist, you still have to deal with the hassle of getting the furniture out of your home and ensuring the person has a proper way to move it.

This frustrating situation is why No Place Like Home offers our consignment pick-up option. We provide two people and a truck to transport your items at no-cost. Be sure to send us photos of your furniture first and that it is in good condition. For more information, check out our consignment process.

No Place Like Home in Boulder

To find great deals on one-of-a-kind furniture, stop by No Place Like Home on Arapahoe Avenue. If you have furniture to give away, call us today to see if our free moving policy fits your situation!

There’s no need to pay Boulder prices for new furniture. Shop reused and recycled furniture today instead.