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No Place Like Home is a furniture consignment store in Boulder. We offer used furniture for sale that is brought to us on a consignment basis. We also take furniture for consignment as well. Below, we’ll go over the reasons why you should invest in used kids’ furniture. Visit us today!


You can think of new kids’ furniture much like a new car; as soon as you leave the furniture store with the kids’ furniture, it depreciates in value significantly. This might be acceptable — if you were going to get your use out of the furniture. However, odds are, you will be replacing your kids’ furniture every two to three years (more often when they are infants). Every time you buy new furniture, you will take that same hit, which could add up to a lot of money over time. Barring cribs and children’s beds, most kids’ furniture you should buy used, including:

Chest of Drawers

Most kids need some sort of chest of drawers in order to hold their socks and underwear. Usually the size of the chest of drawers needed increases with the age of the children. Thus, when your children are little, they will outgrow their smaller chest of drawers quickly. Luckily, your local furniture consignment shop will help you sell your old kids’ chest of drawers through consignment and will help you find a newer, bigger one as well. With a chest of drawers, you just need to make sure it is not recalled for a tipping hazard and that it should be secured to the wall once you get it placed.


If you’ve ever visited an elementary school, you will see that the size of the kids’ desks increase as well as the children age. This holds true for your child’s home desk as well. Your child will quickly outgrow his or her desk, so investing in a solid oak wood desk for your toddler is probably not a great idea. Instead, visit No Place Like Home for your kid’s desk.


Nightstands are made to be at about the level of your bed. After all, they stand next to your bed and are primarily used to put items on. Thus, as the size of your child’s bed increases, so should the size of their nightstand.


Along with desks, the chairs to your child’s desk will need to be replaced frequently as your child grows as well. You can purchase these at our furniture store in Boulder. We have a wide variety of kids’ chairs though, which varies of course. Kids love rocking chairs their sizes and beanbags they can jump on. Small kids’ chairs that resemble your furniture are great for the living room so your kids can have their own space. Also, when you save money by buying used children’s furniture, you will be able to buy multiple children’s chairs at affordable prices.


When your kids are young, it’s nice to have a really small and short bookcase so that they can reach all of their favorite books. When they get older, they will probably need more space for their growing book collection, and they probably won’t want to stoop down as much either.


Because children grow out of furniture so quickly, you can often find children’s furniture that has barely been used. From bookcases and chest of drawers to nightstands and chairs, we offer the best selection of used kids’ furniture. And if you have old children’s furniture that is in good condition, we’d love to help you sell it. Contact No Place Like Home in Boulder today!