Even the most low-maintenance moves aren’t what anyone would describe as fun. It might be exciting to move to a new place, to relocate to a better part of town, or to move in with a special somebody, but that doesn’t make the physical act of moving exciting as well.

The thing about moving, however, is that there are dozens of ways to make it more cost-effective. And, generally, when something is more cost-effective, it becomes much more pleasant.

You’re already spending a premium on Boulder housing prices, organic food, and maybe college tuition — save yourself some change where you can!

As you gear up for your next move, take advantage of these five money-saving tips from our used furniture store, No Place Like Home.

1. Get Quotes From Moving Companies

Before you automatically resort to do-it-yourself moving, consider at least finding quotes from reputable moving companies in the area. If you’re moving in the off-season (fall or winter), you’re more likely to get a great deal on a move. If you’re moving at the end of the semester or in the summer, you might as well opt for DIY.

Although moving companies purport to have fixed prices, it’s actually easier to negotiate with them than you’d think. Shop around and get quotes from at least three moving agencies, and then use these quotes to negotiate for a lower rate.

Even if this doesn’t pan out and you have to move yourself, it’s not too time-consuming to get initial quotes.

2. Do Your Move In The Middle Of The Day

If you can, plan your move for when Boulder traffic is at a minimum. The last thing you want is to be stuck on Baseline in your U-Haul, watching as the gas light turns on and your “return truck” time creeps closer.

It might seem frivolous now, but getting stuck in traffic can really add to your gas and moving bill — especially if you’re making multiple trips to your new place.

Moving on the weekends isn’t always ideal, as more people are out and about. So, planning to move between Monday and Thursday midday is your best bet to avoid costly traffic. While you’re at it, run your miscellaneous errands and grab your food before you rent your truck. This’ll save you on those extra stops that add time and money to your moving day.

3. Never Pay For Boxes

Moving boxes might be the biggest rip off of them all. Companies charge a premium for boxes because they know frantic movers will pay for convenience.

Instead of buying boxes, consider all the ways you can get them for free, such as:

  • Asking your office or building for extra boxes (most have printer paper boxes and such lying around)
  • Ask friends who you know have moved recently
  • Checkout Freecycle sites and free sections on sites like Craigslist
  • Go to your local liquor, grocery, or office supply store
  • Look behind bigger stores to see if they have boxes in the back alleys

After you move, consider returning the favor to fellow movers.

4. Track Your Expenses

You should track whatever money you spend on your move, especially if you’re moving cross-country or a significant distance away. If your move meets certain criteria, you might be eligible for a tax write-off in April.

Make sure to have itemized, organized copies of your moving receipts, as you might have to show these for proof to the IRS.

In addition to tax write-offs, your company might pay for a portion of your move if you’re relocating for the job. In general, though, it never hurts to keep track of your expenses during events like moving.

5. Ditch Your Old Furniture

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I could fit everything in my car in one trip if it wasn’t for my old couch!” before moving?

Unless the furniture item is a family heirloom, it might make more sense to leave furniture behind. If you can’t sell the furniture on Craigslist, would rather donate it, or don’t want to deal with transporting used furniture, check out local consignment options.

At No Place Like Home in Boulder, we consign furniture and even offer pick-up options if coordinated in advance.

When you consign your furniture, you save yourself money in two ways: you carry less weight as you move, and you have a chance to make money on your consigned option.

Instead of buying new furniture again after your move, take advantage of local used furniture stores!

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