Your living room is the most important room of the home. Unlike bedrooms, which remain tucked upstairs and away from guests, the living room is the main space for residents and visitors alike. As such, your living room sets the tone for your entire house — when you maximize this space, you spruce up your entire home.

Living Room Design Tips

As a used furniture store in Boulder, No Place Like Home has fielded many questions about proper living room design. We’ve developed this resource to help you as you redesign and refurnish your living room. If you’re in the market for great living room furniture that won’t break the bank, visit our used furniture store today.

Create A Focal Point

You don’t want your living room to appear too cluttered or too empty. Believe it or not, it’s not the actual amount of stuff you have that determines whether your room looks like a mess or a wide open space — it’s whether you have a fixed focal point.

When you have a focal point, you train the eye toward that area. A focal point can be a fireplace, statement piece of art, bookshelf, lighting fixture, grand piano, and the list goes on. Really, anything can be a focal point. What matters is that you have one.

Use An Entertainment Center

In most modern homes, the television becomes a natural focal point in the living room. You probably already have all your living room furniture pointed toward the screen. While this creates a focal point, a television isn’t necessarily a unique or beautiful accent. Instead of relying on a boring screen to capture the attention of the room, use an entertainment console instead.

With an entertainment console, you can organize all those pesky cords, devices, and other living room clutter. It’s the epitome of form and function for your living room.

Find a Sofa Sectional

Sectionals are perhaps the best way to use your living room space. They provide additional seating, give people the option of sprawling out on the couch, and create visual angles. Brand new sectionals can be very expensive, but you can score sectionals at some used furniture stores.

When you put a sectional in your living room, you want to make sure it doesn’t create unusable corners and awkward areas. You also want to avoid putting it directly against a wall, as this can make a space appear much smaller.

Make Use Of Ottomans

If you can’t find the right sectional for your space or if you just want additional storage and seating, an ottoman is the best type of furniture you could procure. It should be non-negotiable for modern living rooms to have at least ottoman.

After all, you can use ottomans as coffee tables, footrests, additional storage, side tables, and just about anything else you could dream up.

Consider A Gallery Wall

If your living room has long, horizontal stretches of wall, it can be hard to make a signature decor piece work. Instead of using just one painting, make a gallery wall. Think of a gallery wall like a collage — you can choose all sorts of different pieces in different sizes and shapes to bring the wall to life. While nothing needs to be uniform, gallery walls generally look better when there’s a cohesive theme. Choose two complementary colors, a shape, or a theme to bring it all together.

Find Furniture With Personality

Living rooms have the propensity to appear sterile. That’s because people focus on matching. Matching tables, chairs, sofas, end tables, and rugs. When everything matches according to some furniture warehouse standard, it tends to look boring and unoriginal. And that’s because it is!

Rather than trying to find the perfect match, we recommend shopping at a used furniture store to find one-of-a-kind finds. You’ll bring personality and affordability to your space.

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