Unless you’re an interior decorator, it can be really difficult to spot furniture that has potential. After all, how are you supposed to realize what furniture items are valuable antiques versus which ones your grandma bought from discount furniture store centuries ago?

Having an eye for quality furniture is absolutely an advantage, but there are ways to make furniture shopping more successful for the layman — whether you find an antique or not.

One of the best ways to refurbish and update any piece of used furniture is to paint it. Not only is painting furniture low-maintenance, but it’s also a really trendy way to make furniture come alive.

Painting Ideas For Used Furniture

As you shop around for used furniture or want a way to spruce up outdated pieces, keep these furniture painting ideas in mind. With these ideas in your back pocket, you can find used furniture that would look great with a new coat of paint.

1. Use Bright Color

Sometimes it takes a bright color to bring a piece of furniture alive. If you find used furniture that looks otherwise unremarkable, consider painting it a bright yellow, pink, or red. This is a great strategy for desks, end tables, and smaller dressers. You want to make sure the piece isn’t too big (like a bookshelf or dining table) because then the color might become a tacky eyesore.

If you’re worried about this look, take the risk with a more affordable used furniture piece. If you don’t like the bold color, you can always repaint and rest-assured knowing you haven’t ruined your most treasured piece of furniture.

2. Use The Same Color

When you’re relying on used furniture to decorate a room, it can be difficult to create cohesion. Instead of caving and buying an unremarkable, new furniture set, use paint to add unity to your furniture pieces.

We really like the all-white aesthetic, as it brings pieces together and creates a great energy in a room. If you’re decorating a dining room, for instance, the same coat of paint can really tie together your table, chairs, and buffets that might otherwise look like a hodge podge.

3. Choose Spray Paint

Spray paint might seem reserved for graffiti artists, but it’s actually a remarkable way to liven up outdated furniture.

That’s because spray paint usually adds a sheen with which traditional paint just can’t compete. This smooth, glossy finish makes a piece of furniture look striking. Spray paint also tends to be more affordable, so you can use two colors for different portions of the piece.

For dressers, as an example, you can create a neat aesthetic by spray painting the wood one color and the knobs a more metallic color, like bronze or copper.

How To Paint Furniture

Once you decide to paint your furniture, there’s a tried-and-true process for how to make it look good. If you’re using regular paint, follow these steps:

1. Clean The Furniture

Used furniture is, well, used. Make sure to thoroughly clean the furniture before you think about adding paint. This includes removing drawers and cleaning them separately. A gentle soap works well, especially to get rid of the dust that might have collected.

2. Sand

No matter the condition of the furniture, you want to sand it before you apply paint. This ensures that you remove any glossy coat that makes it much harder for paint to stick. You don’t need to sand intensely or remove all existing paint unless you’re staining.

Instead, you can get away with sanding enough to remove the existing gloss.

3. Prime

Let your furniture dry and make sure it’s dust-free. After that, it’s time for priming. You can find primer at any hardware store, and we recommend oil-based primers for furniture.

Priming prepares your furniture for the coat of paint because it helps the paint stick to the surface.

4. Sand Again

It might seem like your piece is ready to paint, but you should always use a fine-grit sandpaper after any priming or coat of paint. This is what helps your piece look clean and professional.

5. Paint!

Now, it’s finally time to paint! Latex paint with a semi-gloss is usually the way to go for furniture, but you can use spray paint as we mentioned above. No matter what, try to avoid flat-finish paint — using this type of paint sets you up for a dull, choppy look that’ll show every mistake. Sand between coats and apply between two and three coats for a great look.

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